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_We love it when you send us mail. Write to us at

and we will get back to you during the day or at least tomorrow to arrange everything ...!

_If you really want to phone us, contact us at


but the ringing breaks concentration while designing, and sometimes we lower the volume of the phone, so we may miss a call in an awkward moment. Don't worry we'll call you back as soon as posible...

_The office address is not a secret:

Pariske Komune 1, New Belgrade, Serbia

but we wouldn't like it if you arrived unexpectedly at our office because we aren't a store and don't have anything in the office window. Call us to arrange an appointment so we can be ready especially for you.

_However, if you want to see us and our ideas, you are always welcome at our showroom at

Njegoseva 11, Velika Plana, Serbia!

RE_kreacija - architectural workshop,

-office- Pariske Komune 1 11070 Belgrade +381 62 221 781 +381 11 6674 133

-office/showroom- Njegoseva 11 11320 Velika Plana +381 62 221 781 +381 26 513 934